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Meet Our Team

By working as a team, we are able to provide a higher level of service than the “jack of all trades” solo real estate agent. Our team is comprised of a Listing Coordinator, Transaction Coordinator, Listing Specialist, Buyer Specialists, and Customer Care Representative.

We function much like a surgical team or a flight crew. Would you agree that the surgeon can do a better job focusing on what he/she does best while the nurses, anesthesiologists, billing clerk, administrators, etc focus on what they do best? Or would you trust your life to a pilot who also scanned your ticket, checked your bags, loaded your bags, fueled the airplane, checked the engine and served you snacks during the flight? The real estate industry is one of the only industries left where one person still tries to do it ALL. There is a better way!

The sale of your house is most likely one of the largest financial transactions you will make during your lifetime. Can you afford to leave it in the hands of one person juggling a multitude of other tasks when their job is selling your home fastest and for the most?

Justin Woodall
Associate Broker

Justin has been a full-time agent since 2004 and became an associate broker in 2008. Justin has represented clients in over 500 sales transactions. Now he leads the team and works with our seller clients to efficiently market their homes. He is dedicated to providing quality service to his clients.

Michael Woodall
REALTOR & Office Manager

Since 2011, Michael has specialized in office management and marketing. Office responsibilities include client relations, under contract and closing coordination, as well as assisting Justin.

Kristin Sidari
Lead Coordinator & Customer Care Representative

Kristin is the Director of Client Services, where she is responsible for buyers who are in the beginning stages of starting the purchasing process. She is in charge of ensuring our websites and programs are easily accessible to our customers and clients.

Emily Stephens
Listing Coordinator & Photographer

Emily is responsible for photographing our listings, as well as entering them into the MLS system and producing various advertising media. She is in charge of coordinating showings between agents and sellers, then tracks and presents feedback from showings.

Chuck Chandler
REALTOR & Buyer Specialist

As a Buyer’s Agent, Chuck specializes in assisting our buyers in finding the right home. His knowledge of construction and building materials is invaluable for our clients. Chuck is an established REALTOR in Athens, and provides knowledge and experience in the area.

Michael Healy
REALTOR & Buyer Specialist

As a Buyer’s Agent, Michael specializes in assisting our buyers in finding the right home. Michael has experience in completing valuations of properties for several years and has been in real estate over 8 years.

Cara Thompson
REALTOR & Buyer Specialist

Cara specializes in assisting our buyers in finding the right home. She is a native of Athens and uses her extensive knowledge of the area and her passion for real estate to help her client's find the perfect home.